Washington Family Photographer, A mom at the beach while pregnant. Photographed by a Washington Family Photographer

Washington Maternity Photographer: Motherhood

Capturing the love and anticipation as the waves gently kiss the shore, a blissful moment frozen in time. A husband’s gentle touch, a mother’s radiant glow, and the serene beauty of Washington’s coastal paradise. Together, they embark on a journey of love, parenthood, and the magic of new beginnings. Join us as we delve into the breathtaking moments of a maternity photoshoot, where love and nature intertwine on the sandy shores of Burfoot Park in Washington state!

Nadene and Nick were such a pleasure to photograph!

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A woman standing by the road and flowers, holding her hat, and laughing


This is me! I just recently relocated to Lacey, Washington from JAPAN!! The culture, food, and experience is something that I’ll never forget! I absolutely love sunsets. I watch my daughter admire them the same way that I do. You can bet that she is calling for me if there is one. My favorite food I would have to say is my besties Birria Tacos that I miss almost as much as her, haha! There isn’t anyone who makes them better!! My most unique characteristic would have to be that I can wiggle my ears. I just recently turned 31 years old and living it to the fullest with my beautiful family! I have got some pretty SWEET dance moves I must say. I’ll probably turn some music on and whip them out at our session!
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